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About Us

At The Gourmet Grilled Cheese Company we have always been passionate about food. Over the years Emmas cookbook collection has grown out of control!


The Gourmet Grilled Cheese Company was born in 2013 after a year-long trip around the world. Over 12 months Emma & her husband tasted hundreds of dishes, ate dozens of street food snacks and explored lots and lots of busy markets. From dim sum to dosas, they ate their way from continent to continent. Emma was inspired by everything they had experienced and tasted and ta da ... the next adventure was to start a street food business.


After spending a lot of time sourcing ingredients, meeting producers and of course eating (all in the name of research!) in late 2013, The Gourmet Grilled Cheese Company was born!


Choosing to make amazing British cheeses our main ingredient was an easy decision and using local 

suppliers is something we feel passionate about.


Come and try a toastie ... tasty, hot, British food.  


If you want to try on of our grilled cheese sandwiches you can find us at festivals, events and markets all over 

the South of England. Click on our 'Find Us' page for a list of upcoming events.


We can't wait to serve you up one of our tasty toasties! ... hot off the grill!




Emma & Andy

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